Engraved Wood

Here at Oslo Press, we have a great appreciation for the warmth and character of wood, fine textured papers, and the centuries-old method of letterpress. Combine that appreciation with personalized service and extreme attention to detail and quality and we are here to create the perfect stationery for your wedding day needs.

Our wood invitation sets combine the use of rich wood veneer and elegant paper, making them some of the most unique and creative wedding invitations around. Each individual invitation is made of wood veneer that has been engraved with a design. This is the most crucial piece to the set as it announces the details of the upcoming wedding day as well as the permanence of your love for one another. The design is enhanced by the grain of the wood and each invite will be truly unique due to the natural variations found in the wood grain. The engraving itself provides a tangible three-dimensional quality to the invitation. To compliment the wood perfectly, each coordinating element in an invitation suite is created with luxurious paper and letterpress. Just as the engraving encourages you to run your fingers across the surface of the wood, the impression left by the letterpress tempts you to do the same. The impression created by letterpress is enhanced by using soft paper, such as our house paper made from recovered cotton fibers, and provides a tactile print with a well defined three-dimensional look. Just as each piece of wood will be unique, so too will each paper item that comes off the press – leaving you with an invitation suite that is full of character, texture, and timeless beauty.

To make the ordering process go smoothly, we do everything here ourselves. From design to production, we oversee it all. Whether you select one of the original designs from our collection of wedding invitation designs or wish for us to create a custom design just for you, we are more than happy to work with you. You will be able to customize your invitations by selecting the type of wood you wish to use from a range of domestically grown species. Further customization comes in your choice of ink colors, paper, and typeface. Once the design phase is completed, we will hand select the wood to be used for your invitations from our collection of repurposed industrial extras. Engraving will be completed with the use of sophisticated laser engraving technology and each one of your wood wedding invitations will be hand sanded and individually inspected for quality. Utilizing our 1964 Heidelberg printing press and photopolymer plates, each paper item in your set will be printed. Just as each wood invitation is inspected for quality, so is each and every letterpress printed item before it is packaged and shipped to your door.