Letterpress Printing

Here at Oslo Press, we have a great appreciation for fine, textured papers and the centuries-old method of letterpress. Combine that appreciation with personalized service and extreme attention to detail and quality and we are here to create the perfect stationery for your wedding day needs.

Letterpress, which is also referred to as relief printing, is one of the oldest printing methods used by humankind. In fact, the first mechanical printing press is said to have been created by Johann Gutenberg during the 1400′s. Since then, the world of printing has seen many changes, but the basic concepts behind letterpress have remained the same. In order to create a print, a raised surface is used to transfer ink to paper. A great deal of time and attention are needed to set up the press for printing, making sure everything is registered just so. The amount of pressure applied to the paper can then be adjusted to create various levels of impression. This impression is enhanced by using soft paper, such as our house paper made from recovered cotton fibers, and provides a print with a well defined three-dimensional quality that can be observed with the eye as well as felt by the touch of a finger. The impression created is just part of the beauty of letterpress. Due to the nature of letterpress, there will be very slight variations in printing, making each piece that comes off the press unique and full of character. It is a look that many love for its timeless beauty and is used to create some of the most luxurious, as well as creative wedding invitations available.

To make the ordering process go smoothly, we do everything here ourselves. From design to production, we oversee it all. Whether you select one of the original designs from our collection of wedding invitation designs or wish for us to create a custom design just for you, we are more than happy to work with you. Once the design phase is completed, we will make photopolymer plates to use during printing. We will then begin printing on our 1964 Heidelberg printing press – what we believe is the finest platen letterpress ever made. After all printing and paper cutting is complete, each and every piece will be individually inspected before your letterpress wedding invitations are packed up and shipped off to your door.