Inserts & Maps

In addition to your wood or letterpress wedding invitations, you might find yourself in need of a few extra fine stationery items to round out your invitation suite. From reply cards to activity cards to custom wedding invitation maps, we supply it all. In order to help you decide which cards are necessary for you, here is a little description of the possibilities:

Reply Cards

Reply cards are small cards included with the invitation that allows your guests to easily let you know whether or not they will be attending your wedding. They usually include a space for the names of your attending guests to be filled out as well as a reply deadline to let your guests know you would appreciate hearing back from them. You can also include your menu selection on the reply card if it is required by your venue. We offer both the traditional reply card with envelope, or for something a little different, you might want to considering ordering a reply postcard instead.

Reception Cards

Wedding reception cards are  small cards that specifically state where and when the reception will be held. We recommend using a reception card if your reception will be held at a separate venue than your wedding ceremony. This way, you can provide the essential details without eating up a great deal of space on your wedding invitation.

Detail or Activity Cards

What we refer to as a detail card is just that – a space to put all the extra information about your wedding that your guests might need to know. Perhaps you will have a cocktail hour prior to your reception or a brunch the next morning following your wedding. Or maybe you need to give all the female attendees a heads up that they will be walking through grass the day of your wedding. Or perhaps you would like to suggest a special dress code or places to eat while your guests are in town.  Whatever pertinent information you need to share with your wedding guests, this is the place to do it. For this reason, detail and activity cards are especially great for destination weddings or weekend long events.

Accommodation Cards

If you would like to book a block of hotel rooms with special rates, or simply clue your guests into the lodging available in the area your wedding will be held, you might want to consider an accommodation card. This is also a great place to let your guests know whether or not you have special transportation arranged for them on the day of the wedding.

Direction Cards & Maps

If you have a lot of guests that will be traveling the day of your wedding, it can be nice to provide them with directions to the ceremony and reception location. If you would like to simply list the driving directions, then we can create a direction card for you. Otherwise, we can create a custom map for you which can also double as a great keepsake. Or, if you prefer, you can combine both a map with written directions on one card. Whatever you prefer!

Website Cards

Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular. If you would like to share your website address with your guests, we highly recommend using a separate card rather then including it on your invitation. We just think it looks better that way! These cards are typically the size of a reply card or smaller – most commonly about the size of a business card.