Place Cards

If you decide to assign seats at your reception, then you will be in need of place cards or escort cards.  Place cards have each guests name listed on them and they are placed at the seat the guest is assigned to.  On the other hand, you can use escort cards to assign your guests to a particular table, while still allowing them to select their individual seat.  In this case, you would include their name and table number and the escort cards would be grouped together in a large display for your guests to find and carry to their table.

We offer both place cards and escort cards in either paper or wood.  Since our paper place cards and escort cards are letterpress printed, they will only be printed with a motif.  All numbers or names must be hand written by you or a calligrapher.  Also, you can choose from a flat card or a folded card that will stand on its own.  Our wood cards are engraved with or without names and numbers as well as a motif.

You also have the option of including a hole in either our paper or wood cards.  This will enable you to tie them to an item such as a napkin or small favor.