Table Cards

Table cards are often used at wedding receptions  in conjunction with place cards and escort cards in order to let your guests know where they are to be seated. As with most of our accessories, we offer table cards in both wood or paper. If ordering wood table cards, they can be engraved with a number and/or name as well as a motif if you wish. You can choose from the designs in our collection of wedding invitation designs or request a custom design if you prefer. Our wood table cards are typically 5″ x 7″ or 3″ x 5″, however we can usually create custom sizes upon request.

Since our paper table cards are letterpress printed, they will only be printed with a motif. All numbers or names must be hand written by you or a calligrapher. Also, you can choose from a flat card or a folded card that will stand on its own. We typically size our paper cards in the same way we do our wood table cards, however we can certainly create custom sizes if need be.

A few things to think about in regards to using table cards at your event:

  • Be sure to place the cards so that they are easily spotted on the table. If raised, make sure that they don’t block the view across the table.
  • Table cards should be large enough to read from a distance. Keep in mind that large numbers are more easily recognized from a distance, as opposed to small words.
  • Using numbers is very common, though it is also popular to label tables using things such as song titles, names of significant locations, or movie titles. As mentioned above, just make sure the words are large enough for your guests to read them from a distance. If using long titles, you may want to consider giving the table a number as well.
  • If you think that assigning individual seats is too time-consuming, you may want to consider assigning your guests to tables only. This will enable you to group together certain guests while still allowing them a little choice in the matter. It will also get everyone to their general location quickly so that when it is time to eat – everyone should already be seated.