Each one of the designs in our collection of wedding invitation designs is customizable.  Feel free to look through the options below to see what suits your needs.


At Oslo Press we use soy-based inks for a number of reasons. The soy oil used in the inks offsets the use of more petroleum based oils. This means they are better for the environment than other alternatives. The use of soy ink also greatly reduces the amount of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that we all inhale. We found that there were no performance advantages to using traditional petroleum based inks, and given the environmental and health benefits of soy-based inks, the choice was obvious. Below you will find our selection of ink colors. However, we are always willing to mix custom ink colors for our clients. If you would like custom color, it is recommended that you send us an example of the color you are looking for (fabric, paper, etc.).

Please keep in mind that colors may appear slightly different depending on the way your monitor is calibrated. Also, due to the nature of letterpress, slight variations in ink color are to be expected.

Oslo Press Ink Color Swatches


We have an extensive font library for you to choose from for your wood or letterpress wedding invitations. If you wish to use a typeface on your invitation design that you do not see here, please feel free to ask. In some cases, there will be a charge for typefaces that we do not have in our library.


Sans Serif Typeface Options


Serif Typeface Options


Script Typeface Options


Stylized Typeface Options

Wood Veneer

Wood is a beautiful and natural material. However, it is not uniform or homogeneous like paper. While we can guarantee you will not find any defects such as large knots in your invitations, we cannot guarantee specific grain patterns. If there is a specific species or grain type you would like to use, we can usually source them, so don’t hesitate to ask. As far as selection, we have chosen to offer domestic hardwood veneers in order to be certain that we are not contributing to tropical deforestation. Also, to help reduce the amount of industrial waste that enters our landfills, we utilize repurposed industrial extras when creating our wood invitations.

CherryMapleWalnutWhite Oak


We offer a variety of papers to choose from. For a soft paper that takes a crisp impression, we suggest printing on Crane Lettra, which is made of repurposed cotton fibers. If you prefer a broader selection of colors, we suggest using paper by Arturo. While Crane Lettra comes in a variety of whites, Arturo is available in several pastel colors, along with matching envelopes. Both companies offer high-quality, highly textured papers which are well-suited for letterpress wedding invitations. If you are interested in other paper options, or do not see the color you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.