Getting Started

We suggest you start the process by exploring our collection of wedding invitation designs. Make notes of what you like, what inspires you, and what you can do without. You may find a design that works perfectly the way it is. In this case, you may only need to personalize the text. However, you may find a design that you like, but wish to change the color of the ink and/or the font. This is where customization comes in. Just let us know what you would like on your invitation, and we will do our best to suit your needs. Further customization is available if you would like to use your own design or would like for us to create a new bespoke design for you. Please visit our custom wedding invitations page or contact us with any questions regarding customization so that we can better inform you of time and costs.

Once you have decided to purchase your invitations from Oslo Press, please use our order form to get things started. After receiving your order form, we will send you an e-mail to confirm that we are able to complete your order and let you know if there is any additional information we need from you. While we mostly communicate via e-mail, we can also set up an appointment to speak by phone if you prefer. Once we have gathered the necessary information, we will send you a PDF order form for your review.


Once the order form has been completed, we will send you a contract through the mail (or e-mail if time is limited). You will receive a copy of the contract to keep for your records, as well as another copy that must be signed and returned to us before work on your order can begin.


Upon completion of the contract phase, a $500 deposit must be made to Oslo Press before work on any order can begin. This deposit is subtracted from the overall cost of your order. In the event that you change your mind and decide that you are no longer in need of our services, the deposit is non-refundable.  (For small orders, the deposit will be set according to the specific needs of the project.)

Design Process

After the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, the actual work begins on your individual order. After initial design decisions are made, a proof will be sent to you in PDF form. Based on client feedback, any desired changes will be made. You will receive two more proofs in addition to the initial proof. The first three proofs are free. Each additional proof, if needed, will cost $25. Final proof approval must be received from the client before Oslo Press can begin production of your order. This approval assures us that you, the client, are 100% satisfied with the design of your invitations. Any changes made after the proof approval will incur additional costs. Additional costs will be decided on an individual basis and will be influenced by the type of change or changes and any possible delay created by such changes.


Once the final design is approved, the order must be paid for in full before the production process begins. We accept payment online through Google Checkout. Checks are also acceptable, however we must wait for them to clear before moving forward with an order. If you feel it necessary to pay via a different method, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Production Time Frame

Approximately 8 weeks should be allowed between the time the order is placed and the delivery of the final product. The length of time may vary based on factors such as the speediness of communication as well as the number of proofs needed. Please note that full custom design orders may require a 9 to 12 week time period. Of course, the earlier you place your order the better.

Rush Orders

While rush orders are possible, the time it will take to complete a rush order will vary depending on such matters as amount of customization and number of proofs needed. A 2 to 4 week rush may be possible if we are not extremely busy with other orders. All rush orders will be increased in price by 25% of the original order price. Please contact us for further information on the availability of a rush order.


Based on experience, our preferred shipping method within the United States is Fed-Ex Express 2-day.  For orders shipping to Canada, we generally ship FedEx.  Orders shipping to all other countries will be shipped via the United States Postal Service.

Custom Design

When ordering your invitations, you may choose to have us create a completely new design for you. If you decide to order a full custom design, the cost will be $700 in addition to our base fees. As with any order, you will receive three full rounds of proofs. In addition, you will receive one concept proof that will contain one or more initial concepts based on what you are looking for.

For further information on custom design, please visit our custom wedding invitations page. Whatever the degree of customization, we are happy to work with you in creating the perfect invitation for your event. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding custom design.


Extra Envelopes – We automatically ship 10% additional outer envelopes with every order free of charge. This is to insure that there are enough extra envelopes in case there are mistakes made during the addressing process.

Early Envelopes – If time is a concern, envelopes which are not being printed can be shipped early if need be. The price of shipping will be added to the overall cost of the order. If envelopes are being printed, they can still be shipped early. However, an early envelope fee of $25 will be applied.  In this case, both the price of shipping and the early envelope fee will be added to the overall cost of the order.

Extra Inner Envelope – Our standard invitation set includes only an outer envelope and a reply envelope. A third inner envelope may be available depending on the brand of paper. If this is the case, an inner envelope can be added to each set at the cost of $1 per invitation set.