It all began in the Fall of 2006 when the two of us, Glenwood and Jen, began planning our own wedding. When the search for wedding invitations began, we both knew we wanted something unique. However, we quickly realized that what we wanted was nowhere to be found. Never ones to shy away from taking on a creative project ourselves, we began the process of designing our own wedding invitations. A combination of dark walnut wood, rich brown ink, and a soft green paper was selected for the quickly upcoming winter wedding. Curly willow was the inspiration for the organic design which helped add a wintery feel to the invitations. After some very long hours, the invitations were complete and ready to be mailed. They were a success. The feedback was so positive that we began to ponder over how and if we should make such an invitation available to others. The more we thought about it, the better the idea seemed. Not long after the vows were spoken and the rings were exchanged, Oslo Press Inc. was born.


Jen at Oslo Press IncFrom a very young age, Jen has always been interested in creative endeavors. Whether picking out a song on the piano, creating a thank-you note from scratch, or simply rearranging the furniture again and again – she enjoys it all. Never one to be interested in only one thing, her college studies included music, psychology, and most recently, interior design. Her attention to detail, ability to listen, and her knack for putting on paper what her clients see in their mind, will make your experience with Oslo Press go that much smoother. Besides creating new designs for Oslo Press, she enjoys listening to good music, spending time in the garden, volunteering at the local science museum, traveling, being bare-foot, having a camera in hand, and hanging out with Glenwood and their five cats.


Glenwood at Oslo Press IncGlenwood has always been a jack-of-all-trades type of character; based on family history, we think its genetic. As a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Masters Degree in Industrial Design, he brings a focus on materials and processes to Oslo Press. An award winning furniture designer, Glenwood takes joy in taking complex and fresh design concepts and bringing them off of the page and into the real world. Always experimenting with novel combinations of new and old technology and methods, he creates breathtaking products by utilizing the best methods and tools from all periods and industries. When he is not behind one of our vintage printing presses or our state-of-the-art laser engraver, he can be found spending time with Jen, designing and building furniture, or learning a new skill.


Oslo at Oslo Press IncOslo is the cat behind the name. While his long white fur makes him appear glamorous and regal, he is still a playful, curious, and sometimes shy creature. He enjoys chasing bugs, drinking water from the bathtub faucet, eating the last bit of yogurt in the container, and taking long naps. He is never too far from his best friends and fellow house cats, Eames, Josie, and Mikko.